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My name is Dorothea Baker and I am a web designer and developer with a passion for creating effective, beautiful, responsive websites that are enjoyable to use for everyone.



If your visitors are confused and frustrated by your site, they will go elsewhere. The number one priority of any design is to make your website as easy and pleasant to use as possible, directly impacting the success of your business.


Your website will be used on many different browsers and devices, including smartphones and tablets. Cutting edge technology is used to ensure a great experience across all modern browsers and devices, with graceful fallbacks for unsupported features in older browsers.


Assistive technologies and thoughtful visual design allow people with sight, hearing or other difficulties to enjoy the wealth of information the World Wide Web has to offer. Best practices are followed to ensure your website can be enjoyed by as many people as possible, regardless of physical ability.


Form follows function: design should ideally enhance usefulness, and must never hinder it. Simplicity is at the heart of effectively conveying your message to your audience.


I offer three tiers of service. If you're unsure which tier is right for you, don't hesitate to contact me for advice.

Tier 1: Simple starting from $1500

  • Perfect for simple personal and business sites
  • You will be provided with instructions on how to update your site by editing code
  • Not suitable if you need to update non-text content on your site
  • No user account management, ecommerce or forms

Tier 2: Wordpress starting from $2000

  • Update your site using a simple graphical interface - no need to edit code
  • Comment & contact forms included
  • User account management & ecommerce available at additional cost
  • Limited design customisation

Tier 3: Custom CMS starting from $2500

  • Custom graphical interface for site administration
  • Highly customised design
  • User account management & forms included
  • Ecommerce available at additional cost

Optional extras fee negotiable

  • Logo design
  • Image retouching for your website images
  • Copy editing and/or writing for readability and search engine optimisation

The availability and cost of optional extras depends on your requirements.


Website for Stephen Kerr, piano teacher
Website for Sarah Jones, psychotherapist
My personal website


Please email to arrange a free consultation.

Luna Web Design operates from Melbourne, Australia. International clients are not currently accepted.